About Bulan ICT

Sabah began its ICT initiatives in a more aggressive manner with the launching of e-Government System, Sabah.Net and the State Public Sector IT Master Plan on 23rd September 1997. Since then, the journey has been progressing from strength to strength. The year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of such initiatives. In this regard, the Ministry of Resource Development and IT is organising the Sabah ICT month to commemorate these initiatives.

The event will bring together representatives from the Public and Private sectors as well as the NGOs. The month-long celebration comprises a series of activities such as seminars, road shows, exhibition, competitions and a gala night as the grand finale, where all ICT players will come together and celebrate their efforts.

The Sabah ICT Month 2017 is under the auspices of the Ministry of Resource Development and IT, with close co-operation, collaboration and join implementation with related and relevant government and private organisations.


Sabah Got Ideas (SGI) is a program formulated to activate the minds of the people of Sabah and realize the business potential of ideas they have been keeping in their minds partly due to fear of failure to develop further or even to the extent of others stealing the ideas.

Sabah is rich in cultures and other natural resources and the colourful mixtures to makes Sabah full of creative people but yet to be activated. There are many untapped minds out there and we believe SGI is the best tool for awareness, development and realization of ideas.


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Events 2017

Online Puzzle Game Competition

Congratulations to the winners of Online Puzzle Game Competition!! The organizer will be contacting you soon.